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Along the thames itself there are many sites to behold, from stunning bridges traversing the watery expanse, to regal canal boats that follow its meandering course, but further down the path it cuts through the landscape you begin to see the reason it is embedded in the backbone of industry. With huge ports, refineries. and traces of bygone eras. Here a relic of times gone by perches on a bend being warmed by the dimming light.

Day 155.. Beacon of the Bend

In a mad rush to find a parking space there was little time for scouting around, but it turns this stretch of the river had plenty to offer, with crabbing pools, jetties, and the odd boat here and there. But here a man stood still long enough to create a defining impact on this stunning sunset over the thames and silhouetting the worlds longest pleasure pier.

Day 154.. The Human Element

On one of the many bends of the Thames lies a fort looking out over its course, enjoyed by Dog walkers and fisherman alike. This stretch of the river has its own kind of beauty, with many artificial features it still is an awesome place to watch the sun go down.

Day 153.. On the Rivers edge

Nothing adds to the fun of those long walks on the beach like being chased by the lapping waves that filter over the stone and pebbles littered along the beach.

Day 142.. Get your toes wet

Hand in Hand a couple takes in the glorious rays that were beaming down onto the sea. And at the same time ticking off the cliche box, with a long walk on the beach

Day 141.. Long walks on the beach

The weathered foundations of a groyne reach out into the mouth of the thames as he sun rises over the sea.

Day 140.. Wide and Weathered

It seems anything is fair game in the world of tagging, but you've got to hand it to them, at least they're recycling whats around them. Here a boat plays host to some handy work on the thames estuary.

Day 138.. Anything’s a canvas

i've walked past it many times but there was something about the sunset this evening that really made this houseboat pop, and with the cold wind lashing at my expose digits i made quick work of the failing light.

Day 130.. Who needs foundations

As the cold winds come lashing in and the clouds pull the wool over the suns eyes, only the rays with perseverance make it through to shine down over the sea.

Day 117.. Searching for answers

With a sunset like this its no surprise that people were taking up a front row seat on the beach. Although the view wasn't half bad from behind this beach pavilion either.

Day 114.. Shadows on the Shingle


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