Day 1..

So.. The ‘journey’ begins as it were.

Im here to share with you, as many photos as there are days in a year.

From people on the street, to far flung worlds and exotic destinations, from the simplest of forms and to the most elegant creations.

This blog endeavours to have it all.

And I will not let you down.

So its the 27th September 2011… Who knows what the year will bring.

Heres a stepping stone into my world….. feast your eyes.

Yacht Moors up on Dordogne


2 thoughts on “Day 1..

    • Hey thanks! 🙂

      Well alot of the work is a collection from my archives, there is some work that has never seen the light of day, so i thought it would be a nice way of pushing some work into the public eye.
      But now and again the projects i shoot will appear on from time to time/
      To me photography is an obsession, and the passion comes from within.

      Hope you enjoy todays image, and spread the link love haha


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