Day 44.. Sun-seeking and hiding from the prize.

During the out of character heatwave of september/ october it was great to see the ‘seafront’ come alive,

Reeling in all sorts of folk, feasting on seafood, hot donuts and some classic rossi ice creams.

With some letting the heat get to their heads so much they lost all their inhibitions and chose to take a dip in the less than blue waters of the wonderful estuary.

Towards the other end of the scale were the sensible pleasure seekers, umbrellas in hand and factor 50 at the ready,

this group of very british seaside dwellers steered clear of the muddied waters, and regressed onto the prom.

Taking in the laughter, good times and family induced frolicking, all the while shielding themselves from the sun,

Or anticipating Novembers rain….

A group of sun-seekers use the sea wall as a footrest and indulge under the sun, ever so carefully.


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