Day 51.. A new perspective on the old and weary

This series somehow popped up out of the blue,

with an inkling of a good location matt, lee and myself set out on our scouting mission,

to the not so ‘dark’ or ‘deep’ countryside of Essex.

We found this abandoned treasure trove of street art, tyres, graffiti and bird droppings.

Dont suppose bird droppings can be regarded as treasure,

but they set the scene and added to the age and dereliction of the plot.

The dull haze of grey teeming with soft blue tones radiating the lower clouds with a cool glareĀ made for a perfect light,

allowing the setting to come alive with beams of soft glare gushing through the array skylights, light fixtures and dilapidated walls.

Utilisting the treasure trove of texture, colours and graffiti lee takes in the surroundings.


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