Day 53.. St Pauls, a conflict of interests.

The fantastic thing about london is the ever increasing amalgamation of the old with the new,

be it culture, society, architecture or cuisine, a superb combination will always emerge from the smoke.

Bringing together opinions either in harmony or in a blistering show of passion and confrontation,

and to me this image says alot about what is happening not just at St Pauls, but all around the world.

People butting heads over opinion and knowledge; all drawn from different walks of life.

The two very distinct architectural triumphs juxtapose each other in a profound way, and that says alot about how we live,

how we have to come to terms with the harmony that is required in order to grow and survive in this ever changing world of ours.

An issue I aim to understand more today, by going there and documenting the people that are clinging on.

St Pauls paramount stature takes centre stage in this image.


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