Day 54.. An interlude of calm amongst the chaos.

After yesterdays hint at something to come from the Occupy camp sprawled around the entrance of St Pauls,

I made the trip post haste to witness what all the hype was regarding,

previously i had only seen the collection of tents in a small pocket to the right of the grand and monumental steps.

But on arriving the camp held closer resemblance to a refugee camp or alternative housing project,

with first aid tents, book shops, meditation areas and all manner of other activities happening in amongst the interweaving guy ropes.

After a superb performance from ‘Severed Limb’ a group making use of washboards, accordions, and double bass amongst the usual drum and guitar accompaniment,

the crowds part and some take a break from the two-stepping and dancing on the stops that lead into the great cathedral.

portraits of the Guys in the band can be seen here as of tommorow…..

Onlookers chill for a moment with a coffee and a seat on the steps of St Pauls.


2 thoughts on “Day 54.. An interlude of calm amongst the chaos.

    • Haha, thank you. Really appreciate the kind words.. Most of my digital work is done using a 5dmk2 and then some lightroom adjustments here and there. Real simple workflow.

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