Day 212.. A Mirror Unto Himself

A drastically early start to a rainy day brought a few highs and lows, but, as always, its best to prevail and make the most of whatever crops up. Lucky for me the rain managed to hold itself back whilst i was shooting/ posing. This idea came about from thinking of what means most to me in amongst all the things i know and do, photography is something that will always be the one thing that brings me massive amounts of joy, frustration, excitement and discovery, So playing on the phrase "a mirror unto himself" i kind of translated it literally.. and came up with what u see here...

Low 1 - Getting up at 4.30am
Low 2 - Access to location 1 closed.
However on the plus side,
High 1 - Stunning Sunrise free of rain
High 2 - Good fun shooting a self portrait
High 3 - Its my birthday.. (hence the selfy)



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