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Mid Stride captured on an evenings stroll through the intersecting backroads, stepping past, taxi's boris bikes and home delivered tesco's this wall and i played shadow games for a while, and it offered up a fair few fruits from my labour.

Day 229.. Shadow Games

No this is not 'THE' Stadium of light but i think it represents a light at the end of the tunnel for the British economy, and the new confirmed double dip recession, with the sun setting on the financial woes of the British Isles the games give rise a to a boom of commerce, in all walks of life. And im sure will make for an extravaganza of photo opportunities what ever the tickets small print may state.

Day 214.. Stadium of Light

When succumbing to the Pub menu's greatest offerings its hard to feel full of life and energy, but here Kelly shows the Beef who's boss by taking a stroll post roast in the golden fields surrounding the rural watering hole.

Day 209.. In Fields Of Gold

With the rush hour bustle gradually subsiding and with most taking the journey underground, the streets and escalators direct the flow with the traffic in the appropriate direction. Here a gentleman steps out from the rush and appears to wait for his destination to come to him.

Day 208.. Watching and Waiting

This cave dwelling staffy was one of the best tour guides going, and a famous pooch in the peak district, here he tries to clock out from his shift, only to realise he left his keys in his other coat.

Day 199.. Doggy Olympics

As a vast mosaic of blue and white coalesces and churns over head the ground stays firmly where it is and the light plays shadow games over the stark and rocky landscape. Despite the Strong winds and bitter temperatures this climber braves the peaks.

Day 198.. Dwarfed And Imposing

Forgotten and strewn in with the other relics of a working farm, this and other rods sit idly by waiting for the sun to pass across the door way that allows for a brief hour or two of sunlight, in between infrequent trips to the rivers edge.

Day 191.. Dried up and Waiting