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The offerings on the coast are plentiful and even when the rain rolls in people arent swayed, roller coasters roll, bumber cars bump, and here the go karts.... Go

Day 260.. Life Isn’t A Race

Even with the Rain edging in, no one was deterred from taking advantage of the rides at the sea-side, a group of onlookers take in the delights of the theme park maybe reminiscing of times gone By.

Day 244.. When Is It Our Turn

In a high street with shop shutters dropping for good quicker than flies, it seemed to be a bleak place at first but with a bustling farmers market and canal the centre gradually came alive and things happened for my camera, here a child spots something out of the ordinary, something outrageous enough to provoke his animated reaction.

Day 236.. Did You See That!?

With the embers grilling away the under side of kebabs and burgers, the last of the spring sun light is directed back towards Dave and into the smoke from a rooftop bbq.

Day 233.. Sunny Stare

Battling the elements is always hard, but those brief refuges of shelter littered around the big bad city make for a welcome break to all, including the umbrellas who so diligently defend our new barnets or fresh perms from the perils of precipitation.

Day 231.. Umbrella Uprising

Mid Stride captured on an evenings stroll through the intersecting backroads, stepping past, taxi's boris bikes and home delivered tesco's this wall and i played shadow games for a while, and it offered up a fair few fruits from my labour.

Day 229.. Shadow Games

Too many artifacts litter the thames estuary, traces of yesteryear and nostalgic remnants of times gone by. From the Cliff Lift that will gradually raise you from sea level to the prom walk, and the scattered remains of an adventure playground once home to every kids weekend excitement, now vandalized and left to on the hills that lead to the coast.

Day 226.. Stereo Vision