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The meandering tunnels that cut through bowels of the city allow you to take a step back from the weather and day to day troubles going on topside. Almost a gateway to another world, a subterranean Super High Way for culture and escapism.

Day 215.. Going Underground

Its always massive error to assume the heavens wont open when leaving the house, especially with camera in hand and no umbrella, however, after resurfacing at Old Street it was nice to see only a mild drizzle pitter pattering on passing cars and commuters brollies. Here someone goes head to head with one of Transport For London's Big red buses, and finds herself neck and neck at the last straight....

Day 207.. Help! Its Raining

It Appears that i'm coming across alot of seaside runners lately, and this guy was purely incidental. The esplanade at Southend takes a dramatic dip in character as the sun goes down and the rain comes in, almost like a different personality the families and pleasure seekers disappear, and the locals come out to walk their dogs and do the day to day chores they may have missed out on. Even the drains have an attitude, spitting out the coloured rainwater that doesn't appeal to their palettes.

Day 206.. Frozen At Sunset

With just 100 Days to go until the Olympic games arrive on our shores, the surge of keep fit keenos continues to grow and yet more and more people are getting their trainers on. Here two runners fight the norm of the running track and hurdles to battle against shingle, wind, and hip high groynes on the beach.

Day 205.. Mid Stride at High Tide