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Day 217.. The Urban Classics

When succumbing to the Pub menu's greatest offerings its hard to feel full of life and energy, but here Kelly shows the Beef who's boss by taking a stroll post roast in the golden fields surrounding the rural watering hole.

Day 209.. In Fields Of Gold

With a plethora of talent surging through the PA all day it was time for Hildamay; headline act of the event to show the local crowd how it was done. Here Mid-set everyone comes together nicely for wide shot.

Day 174.. Down in Front

As the crowds gradually rolled in over the course of the night, at times there appeared to be an abyss of black between the stage and turnout of fans. However big the gap physically each band hit the right not and the crowds were most certainly pleased.

Day 171.. Bowing to the Spotlight


Day 116.. Drawing up plans


Day 82.. Just hanging around