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As the tide gradually floods back over the exposed rocks and banks then sun illuminates the waters surface with a near perfect reflection, a site not only enjoyed by myself but the couple on the river bank take in the breathtaking colours.

Day 176.. Origin of Symmetry

With the winter gradually being pushed out by spring and its longer nights and warmer tones, its likely that this slipway will begin to see more traffic in the coming weeks.

Day 163..Slip into something, more comfortable

During Winter it always seems that the boats and surfboards which usually come in and out with the tides during the summer months, sit idle on the jetties and beaches waiting for the right conditions to be launched back into their element. Here a positively complimentary selection of vessels sit supporting my theories at midnight.

Day 156.. The Aquatic Rainbow

Along the thames itself there are many sites to behold, from stunning bridges traversing the watery expanse, to regal canal boats that follow its meandering course, but further down the path it cuts through the landscape you begin to see the reason it is embedded in the backbone of industry. With huge ports, refineries. and traces of bygone eras. Here a relic of times gone by perches on a bend being warmed by the dimming light.

Day 155.. Beacon of the Bend

In a mad rush to find a parking space there was little time for scouting around, but it turns this stretch of the river had plenty to offer, with crabbing pools, jetties, and the odd boat here and there. But here a man stood still long enough to create a defining impact on this stunning sunset over the thames and silhouetting the worlds longest pleasure pier.

Day 154.. The Human Element

On one of the many bends of the Thames lies a fort looking out over its course, enjoyed by Dog walkers and fisherman alike. This stretch of the river has its own kind of beauty, with many artificial features it still is an awesome place to watch the sun go down.

Day 153.. On the Rivers edge

Nothing adds to the fun of those long walks on the beach like being chased by the lapping waves that filter over the stone and pebbles littered along the beach.

Day 142.. Get your toes wet