Day 253.. When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

The Jubilee seems to have gathered in people from every corner of the U.K. Many dressing up in as much of the the union jack as possible, others going a for a few subtle additions to their usual British summer ensembles. Here in the queue for the loo these wellies make sure to show some patriotism while the owner concentrates on the task at hand.


Day 251.. Storm Before the Storm

As the gradual rush begins to grab spaces for the jubilee flotilla, it appears to me it wasnt all the gradual, with the rubbish and crowds growing by the second, Even the bins were showing their patriotic side.

Day 250.. Motionless Travel

Always a Pleasure being involved with someone elses creations, and this shoot was no different, each garment a creative interpretation of the journeys undertaken by taxis through london and vintage car parts of yesteryear.

A fashion film created by myself of the same shoot can be seen via this link too/…¬†

Day 249.. Follow The Signs

A Cloudy seascape closely followed by drizzle creates a less than acceptable environment for the palm trees along the strip, all yearning for a little more sunlight and sand.

Day 248.. Watching And Waiting

Plastic Prevails as the Cash Machines of the city become neglected and the shops begin adopting Cards as the norm. Here the night plays host to all sorts of clientele, some coming and going others waiting…. and watching.

Day 247.. The Rise And Fall Of Work

A merge of inside and out; the interior shouts out to the life we lead and the life we lead stops at the traffic lights oblivious to the message within.

Day 245.. Just In Case

you can never be too careful near water, with hidden dangers lurking in the depths and slippery slopes leading to the wet mirror that flows. Here some life saving donuts lay in wait for their time to shine.