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Its strange how the seasons can have a such profound affect on a place, and it seems some places more than others. Although now a UNI town, southend is still, at heart a tourist destination for many, When the sun come sun comes in so does the money, but with all the adverts on TV saying.. "stay in Britain" for 2012 I feel that this slightly ironic shot wouldn't  do all that much justice for their campaign.

Day 210.. Wish You Were Here

Its always massive error to assume the heavens wont open when leaving the house, especially with camera in hand and no umbrella, however, after resurfacing at Old Street it was nice to see only a mild drizzle pitter pattering on passing cars and commuters brollies. Here someone goes head to head with one of Transport For London's Big red buses, and finds herself neck and neck at the last straight....

Day 207.. Help! Its Raining

Returning to the Paper Mill Lock to indulge on what afternoon treats, mainly consisting of tea and cake, we were forced to remove ourselves from the al fresco dining experience as the rain decided to pick up and disperse the few clientele that were oblivious to the vast grey monster of a cloud overhead. This man was using his weather eye and showed us all how to deal mother natures curveball.

Day 202.. April In Full Effect