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As most retailers close up shop and let the lights do the selling, a spectrum of colour falls onto the streets and passers by. Here a couple maybe on the way back from a meal stroll past a commuter engrossed in here paperback novel, lit conveniently by a Bus, (lets hope it wasn't hers)

Day 184.. Waiting In Paperback

As the tide gradually floods back over the exposed rocks and banks then sun illuminates the waters surface with a near perfect reflection, a site not only enjoyed by myself but the couple on the river bank take in the breathtaking colours.

Day 176.. Origin of Symmetry

On one of the many bends of the Thames lies a fort looking out over its course, enjoyed by Dog walkers and fisherman alike. This stretch of the river has its own kind of beauty, with many artificial features it still is an awesome place to watch the sun go down.

Day 153.. On the Rivers edge

Hand in Hand a couple takes in the glorious rays that were beaming down onto the sea. And at the same time ticking off the cliche box, with a long walk on the beach

Day 141.. Long walks on the beach