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Battling the elements is always hard, but those brief refuges of shelter littered around the big bad city make for a welcome break to all, including the umbrellas who so diligently defend our new barnets or fresh perms from the perils of precipitation.

Day 231.. Umbrella Uprising


Day 230.. Old Street New Style

With yesterdays festivities all over, and after consuming a range of good food and drink, its now time to reflect and carry on with the weeks work, here ive supplied you with take 2 of my self portrait, a reflection of yesterdays mirror.

Day 213.. Time to Reflect

There comes a time when all the elements don't quite come together at the required moment, however. As a great teacher and photographer once said there are such things as happy accidents, case in point with my flash's power dwindling, the only trace of my subjects remain ghostly with the small amount of ambient i was aiming to let in falls on them and the stage.

Day 177.. Happy Accidents

With the sun ripping trough the blanket of cloud, a budding photographer leaps at the chance to take a few snaps

Day 124.. Catching a glimpse