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It Appears that i'm coming across alot of seaside runners lately, and this guy was purely incidental. The esplanade at Southend takes a dramatic dip in character as the sun goes down and the rain comes in, almost like a different personality the families and pleasure seekers disappear, and the locals come out to walk their dogs and do the day to day chores they may have missed out on. Even the drains have an attitude, spitting out the coloured rainwater that doesn't appeal to their palettes.

Day 206.. Frozen At Sunset

Every so often walking along the esplanade, in between the beach huts that are the pride of many you come across empty lots, some with foundations left standing, others littered with driftwood and the odd boat. However some sit completely vacant, maybe down to renovation, ageing, or maybe someone just prefers to sit on the shingle. In any case, the surrounding huts make for a perfect sun catching frame for this runner to stride by.

Day 204.. Colour And The Shape