Day 260.. Life Isn’t A Race

The offerings on the coast are plentiful and even when the rain rolls in people arent swayed, roller coasters roll, bumber cars bump, and here the go karts…. Go


Day 259.. Last Leg Of The Commute

Night draws in but its always hard to tell the suns position from underground, its late night and the last of the weary commuters stream towards the escalators waiting to surface.

Day 258.. Obstructions Add To The Feel

In amongst the ingenious solutions for peering into the river this doesn’t seem all to logical, perhaps he found a branch but from here and behind him all that seemed to in view was foliage and lots of backs of heads.

Day 257.. When Shirley Cant Make It

Pubs and Bars came alive with the usuals and fresh clientele with people spilling out onto the streets and roads in and around the, full of jubilee spirits and other consumables. Here a tribute act gets the crowds moving and singing along.

Day 255.. Head First Hedgerow

Crowds were entertained via many different spectacles from towering cakes, live music, epic queues and these strongmen performing circus acts, minutes later finding cover from the inevitable downpour that dampened hats and flags but not the great british spirit.

Day 246.. Trying To Fit In

Many Windows and walkways litter every level of the city, some are windows into peoples lives, the journeys they take and the interests they have, others reflect the city and its features.

Day 254.. Peering Past Perennials

As the day progressed, easy viewing of the events taking place on the river became increasingly hard, and it became obvious that some chose ingenuity over barging and trampling through the swathes of crowds 50 deep.